About Us

It all started in 1964, Mr.Onobun had found his passion for baking bread. When it comes to baking bread here at Jolly Jolly Bakery we live by a set values, Fresh baked bread every single morning. We don't believe in cutting corners here at Jolly Jolly Bakery each and every single one of our employees puts their heart and soul into what we produce for our customers. Customer satisfaction is our most prized possession. 

James Onobun discovered his love for baking when he was only a child, in Nigeria where he grew up with his mother and father he would often find himself following them to the local traders market every weekend to buy bread. As he got to the age of 12 James took the initiative by going to the local traders market and buying bread for wholesale and later on reselling it for profit, this continued all throughout his childhood. It was then where he realized he wanted to build a legacy that will go on to be a common household name across the nation.

This vision of fresh baked bread daily stuck with him as he aged, it was finally brought to life when he met his wife Jolly Onobun. Our Bakery's name is inspired by her hence Jolly Jolly Bakery, Not only does she bring joy to the community but she is the backbone of this company. At first, Jolly Jolly Bakery was just selling loafs of bread to our customers, Mrs.Onobun set out to be ahead of the competition no matter what the circumstances are.

Furthermore, she introduced into the bakery that we should go broad leading to items such as Meat-pies, Chicken-pies, Muffins, Chin-Chin, Kolaches, and Pound-cake. This idea not only raised the bar for our Company, but it allowed Jolly Jolly Bakery to tap into an uncontested market space and dominate.